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Group Coaching 

Boost Your Pharmacy Career with Group Coaching!

Are you a pharmacist seeking a supportive community, valuable insights, and the motivation to take your career to the next level? Our group coaching programs are designed just for you!

Benefits of Group Coaching:

  • Connect with like-minded pharmacists facing similar challenges and opportunities.

  • ​Gain fresh perspectives and learn from the experiences of others.

  • Find accountability and support to achieve your professional goals.

Explore the power of coaching in a dynamic group setting.

Part 1:

If this is your first group with Brooke, you’ll start here. These groups are usually 4-6 people and Brooke facilitates 5 guided sessions:


This is the foundation for everything so we start here.


This isn't your traditional goal-setting exercise. Get ready to redesign your short and long-term plans while getting a to-do list makeover.


This guided exercise will help you gain clarity on where your strengths and what the world needs intersect.


If you've ever considered crafting a personal mission statement, we explore some tools to leave you with a solid starter statement.


Yes, you need them all. We'll co-create an individualized plan for you.


Part 2:
For those who have completed Part 1, Part 2 offers a continuation and upleveling of personal and professional development. We use the foundational tools from Part 1 and explore the power of questions, the self-coaching model, and boundary-setting.  

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