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What past clients have said after one-on-one coaching…

  • I gained confidence and it helped me reframe my mindset to get over issues.

  • I was reminded of the importance of daily reflections for my own wellbeing.

  • I realized I was telling myself a story that wasn’t accurate; it reframed my point of view.

  • 1-on-1 coaching forced me to have to articulate what I was feeling and dig down to the root of the issue. I found that some things that I was upset with others for, I couldn't even articulate myself or didn't have an idea how to make it better. Until I can come up with some potential solutions on my own, it isn't fair to expect others to do that for me. Coaching also helped me hone in on my goals and wants and needs.

What past clients have said about working with Brooke…

  • Brooke has a positive, vibrant outlook on life and wanted to help me succeed.

  • I wanted to learn from someone who is passionate about helping others find their passion. Her outlook on every situation is contagious.

  • Brooke has a sense of casual balance that feels supportive, but also wants you to find your own path. She actively listens, which is rare.

  • It’s like a having a personal cheerleader who is also realistic and logical and smart and helpful.

  • When you are with Brooke, she is 100% all in, right there with you. She makes everyone she is working with feel like they are her number one priority and she is there specifically for them.

  • Brooke is open, nonjudgmental, willing to laugh at the right moments and to let you cry too. As someone who works very hard to be that for other people, I am appreciative of and impressed by the space she holds for the people around her (even over Zoom!).

What past participants have said about group coaching…

  • The group made me feel empowered and confident. I left every session feeling eager to capitalize on what I had learned that week

  • I got to see the struggles and triumphs from others and it showed me how connected we all can be, how similar our hopes and fears are, and the members of the group were truly supportive of me! I walked out of this with new friends and confidants

  • It really is a positive and thought provoking experience and teaches you things you didn't know about yourself.

  • This was such a great way to spend time on my own personal and professional development and make new connections with colleagues from across the country

  • I felt nervous about starting something new. Now I feel comfortable and excited for my current state and for the unknown. BECAUSE I CAN DO IT

  • It has completely changed my outlook on work. I still have a lot of work to do, but I feel so much more empowered.

What people have said about workshops and webinars…

  • The presentation was so helpful! I loved how it gave actual steps on how to work on developing this topic that is so important. I've listened to talks about personal branding before where it would only discuss what it is, and your presentation was so helpful in providing realistic steps on how to develop your personal brand.

  • I've attended several networking help sessions in the past but this one was the best

  • I loved and appreciated your video. I feel encouraged

  • Fantastic! Goal setting always seemed so out-there, but this made it seem much more practical and easier and quicker to implement than I'd thought.

  • Feel like I not only learned tools, but feel ready (and more motivated) to start implementing right away.

  • REALLY REALLY GREAT! First helpful faculty development offering I have ever attended!

What is the Bold Idea Group?

We specialize in empowering pharmacists like you to embark on transformative career journeys that align with your passions and goals. If you're a pharmacist seeking a reset, a clearer purpose, and a career that truly energizes you, you're in the right place. Having walked the same path myself a few years ago, I understand the challenges firsthand. Through extensive self-reflection and coaching, I've gained awareness of my values and strengths, enabling me to show up as the best version of myself both professionally and personally. As your coach, my mission is to lift and empower you to take control of your career transformation. Whether you're feeling the need for a reset, a refocus, or simply seeking clarity, I've got your back. Together, we'll explore bold ideas, providing you with the clarity and confidence to take decisive steps forward. You'll emerge with a fresh perspective, renewed self-assurance, and the empowerment to steer your career trajectory with confidence. At Bold Idea Group, our goal is to redefine your career path, ensuring it's uniquely reset, thoughtfully refocused, and boldly reenergized. Whether you're feeling stuck, eyeing new opportunities, or craving change, together, we'll navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities ahead to craft a future that resonates with your aspirations. My commitment to you is clear: to inspire bold ideas from within and empower pharmacists to reset, refocus, and reenergize their careers. Through personalized coaching and guided self-reflection, you'll gain the confidence and clarity needed to make impactful decisions and pursue your professional goals with renewed vigor.Ready to optimize your pharmacy career? Let's start with a conversation. Reach out today to schedule your consultation and take the first bold step toward a brighter, bolder future.

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