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Individual Coaching 

For Leaders or Individual Contributors

In healthcare, it's common to feel like we don't have anyone who understands what we're going through. A couple of years ago, I felt really “stuck.” I needed a different type of career support that was beyond mentoring. When I started working with a coach, everything changed. Scratch that - I changed.


Coaching can help unlock your true potential in life and work. Coaching provides the “third space” for all of us – where home and work intersect to find non-judgmental community and support.

It starts with a brief call to see if we're a good fit! 

What past clients have said after one-on-one coaching…

  • I gained confidence and it helped me reframe my mindset to get over issues.

  • I was reminded of the importance of daily reflections for my own wellbeing.

  • I realized I was telling myself a story that wasn’t accurate; it reframed my point of view.

  • 1-on-1 coaching forced me to have to articulate what I was feeling and dig down to the root of the issue. I found that some things that I was upset with others for, I couldn't even articulate myself or didn't have an idea how to make it better. Until I can come up with some potential solutions on my own, it isn't fair to expect others to do that for me. Coaching also helped me hone in on my goals and wants and needs.

What past clients have said about working with Brooke…

  • Brooke has a positive, vibrant outlook on life and wanted to help me succeed.

  • I wanted to learn from someone who is passionate about helping others find their passion. Her outlook on every situation is contagious.

  • Brooke has a sense of casual balance that feels supportive, but also wants you to find your own path. She actively listens, which is rare.

  • It’s like a having a personal cheerleader who is also realistic and logical and smart and helpful.

  • When you are with Brooke, she is 100% all in, right there with you. She makes everyone she is working with feel like they are her number one priority and she is there specifically for them.

  • Brooke is open, nonjudgmental, willing to laugh at the right moments and to let you cry too. As someone who works very hard to be that for other people, I am appreciative of and impressed by the space she holds for the people around her (even over Zoom!).

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