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Individual Coaching 

For Leaders or Individual Contributors

In healthcare, it's common to feel like we don't have anyone who understands what we're going through. A couple of years ago, I felt really “stuck.” I needed a different type of career support that was beyond mentoring. When I started working with a coach, everything changed. Scratch that - I changed.


Coaching can help unlock your true potential in life and work. Coaching provides the “third space” for all of us – where home and work intersect to find non-judgmental community and support.

It starts with a brief call to see if we're a good fit! 

Coaching Process

Initial Consultation:

  • Introduction: Get acquainted with the client and establish rapport.

  • Goal Setting: Understand the client's objectives, challenges, and desired outcomes.

  • Expectations: Clarify the coaching process, frequency of sessions, and confidentiality agreements.

During Each Session: A Client-Centered Process of Assessment & Discovery, which may include:

  • Self-Reflection: Encourage the client to reflect on their values, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations.

  • Assess Current Situation: Identify the client's current career status, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Explore Motivations: Understand what drives the client and what they hope to achieve through coaching.

  • Brainstorm Strategies: Generate creative ideas and strategies to achieve the established goals.

  • Breakdown Tasks: Divide goals into manageable action steps.

  • Identify Resources: Determine what tools, skills, or support the client needs to succeed.

individual coaching for pharmacist career development
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