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 Groups are small groups of like-minded individuals who are curious about coaching, seeking community & accountability, and looking for unique ways to network. These confidential groups are tailored to meet the needs of today’s pharmacist.


In healthcare, it's common to feel like we don't have anyone who understands what we're going through. Coaching provides the “third space” for all of us – where home and work intersect to find non-judgmental community and support.

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Invite Brooke to your next staff meeting, retreat, conference, or workshop. She is a nationally recognized speaker and she infuses every topic with self-reflection, realistic action steps, and practical takeaways.



"I know what it feels like to feel stuck and unsure of my next steps. I've always had great mentors, but I reached a point in my career when I needed a different type of support. I sought help from a coach and started to see the power of someone holding space for me. Now I'm offering the type of support I was looking for: the wisdom and experience of mentoring coupled with engaged listening and perspectives of coaching."


Working with Brooke has turned me into a more aware, more focused and confident individual with a clear career plan in my mind. I will be always thankful to her for being there for me during a very stressful time in my life and for helping me put my best foot forward. For pharmacy professionals, the first step to a great career and personal life is self-awareness; managing your time, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and working through them and I promise Brooke is one of the best people to help you achieve this.

Divya A. Khandekar,

PGY-2 Oncology Pharmacy Resident at Mayo Clinic

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It was important to me to invest in our talented faculty who are incredibly giving of their time often to the point of self deprivation. Brooke provided a fabulous forum that allowed my faculty and staff to connect and relate from all ranks and positions. The feedback was so positive, we are finding additional ways to incorporate Brooke’s coaching into future programming to meet my faculty needs where they are at currently so they can plan productively while balancing their personal priorities. Brooke’s engaging style and experience left everyone feeling they invested their time well. Thank you, Brooke!

Cameron Lindsey,

Chair, Division of Pharmacy Practice & Administration and Professor of Pharmacy Practice & Administration, University of Missouri-Kansas City

The mastermind program has played an important role in helping me determine my professional wants and needs, streamline those, and also set a realistic plan of action in place. I love that it is structured as a coaching program; I have the opportunity to share concerns and ask for help from both the group and Brooke, and in turn I get suggestions and support. The process is more formalized than a normal mentor relationship, which encourages asking questions, digging deep and making changes.

Sarah Lynch,

Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of Skills Education, Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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