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Selfish vs Brave-ish

What do you want that seems “selfish” to you?

  • Taking a day off?

  • Relaxing on the couch?

  • Asking for alone time when you’re the center?

  • Declining the extra project when your team is swamped?

  • Choosing to take less trainees?

  • And everything else we label as “selfish:”_____________________


We renamed it as “brave-ish?”

It requires changing the way we think about it and the way we talk about it.

If we label these actions as being BRAVE in our fast-paced worlds of burnout and exhaustion, then maybe we’d have the COURAGE to try one of these things.

  • I’m going to take one day off a month/quarter to reset.

  • I’m relaxing on the couch so I have the energy for what’s next.

  • I need a couple of hours to myself on Saturday so I’m not resentful later.

  • I can’t take on that extra project right now, but I can pick something up in XX weeks.

  • I’m scaling back on mentoring trainees because I’m aware of my current limits right now.

Observe what is going on in your head – what are you labeling as “selfish” that could be reimagined as “brave-ish?” When we think about how we’re showing up for our own goals, it may be hard to do this. When we think about all of the eyes watching how we work and grow as professionals, it gets easier.

Until next week,


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